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Come on in. Take your bra off. Stay a while.

The Soft Focus ethos leans into comfort + ease.

We know it's a delicious treat to wear your PJs all day + we want you to look good when you do. Because we would always rather be reclining + comfy pants are the only kind of pants we want to wear.

Currently, we're re-imagining our place in the internet ethers – and your closets.

Our online shop is closed. New dreams are on the horizon.

Join us on the journey 👇

Hey, I'm Sammi.

I'm the founder, creative director, designer + proprietor of all things Soft Focus.

I was one of those kids who dreamed of working in fashion + then actually went out + did it. Pretty cool.

After a decade working for a bunch of Canada's "top fashion brands" I decided to leave my 9-to-5 life behind + work 24/7 doing my own thing.

Working outside the typical office hustle, I was faced with a new daily query: how do I get dressed for work when my office is the couch + a laptop? At first I happily wore my PJs all day. Eventually I wanted to get dressed again. Sort of.

Soft Focus was born in 2017. A vision of Fancy Pajamas for the modern age. A uniform for the independently employed + WFH lifestylers, created before that was a thing we were all doing.

Over the past 6 years I've surfed the DTC wave, sold in boutiques across North America + formed a community of comfort-freaks, just like me.

Currently dreaming up the next iteration – and hustling for other brands.

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