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The Journal

Focus on – Jacqueline Ashton

Meet Jacqueline Ashton – Toronto-based creative, model (+ future DJ) Jackie was the photographer on one of our first shoots, in collaboration with Easy Period back in 2018. We reconnected this summer...

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A Jumpsuit for All Seasons

We design Soft Focus to bring those bedtime/downtime feels into your everyday. Our pieces are comfy + effortless – of course – but with a sense of chic that makes them perfect for anytime. Especially...

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Focus On – Leia Bryans

Meet Leia Bryans, the artist behind the namesake Leia Tee. We fan-girled over her work well-before we connected on this project. Her portraits of women reclining + at ease has...

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Red Sauce as a Verb

The Art of Eating – in Bed. One of life's great indulgences is eating in bed. Some people frown upon it + are aghast at the thought. Not us. It's...

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Focus On – Lauren Tamaki

Meet Lauren Tamaki, the illustrator behind the our first Artist Series Tee – the Lady Tee.  Lucky me, she also happens to be a dear friend (we met at fashion...

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Meet our Stockist – Ardith

Everyone loves a good neighbourhood spot. That casual + inspiring destination you make your way to meanderingly after Sunday brunch, before your second coffee, in between visiting your local market to grab a few fresh things for dinner....

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Meet our Stockist – EWANIKA

EWANIKA Boutique is almost a secret. Tucked away in an unassuming nook of the North Annex, it's a place to be sought out. And once you arrive you're rewarded with...

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