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Focus on – Genevieve

Meet Genevieve Kang, an actress + holistic nutritionist based in Toronto. You can find her on your small screens currently on Youtube's original series Impulse, and follow along with her wellness journey, practices + consulting services through her business KIKAN BLVD. Take a peak inside her home she shares with her boyfriend + fluff-ball cat, and chat about her rituals, routines + creative life. She's a real gem.

What’s your favourite time of day? Are you a morning person or a night owl?

I’m definitely a morning person. My favourite time of day is early morning, just as the sun is rising. I find an inner calm at that time, where the only things I can do are sit with my thoughts, brew a cup of tea, journal, or read a book. It’s a time for me. I’ll even schedule an afternoon nap to catch a few extra zzz’s later in the day, if it means getting up early to see the sun rise.

Do you have a particular way you like to start + end your day?

Currently, every day looks different for me, as I work to juggle both acting and holistic nutrition. The variety is exciting, but I need some kind of routine that can help to get my day off on the right foot or help me wind down in the evening.

In the morning, that’s my copper tongue scraper. I can’t start my day without it. If I don’t clean the ama or toxic buildup in my mouth before brushing my teeth or taking my first sip of water, the day won’t feel the same. Maybe it’s something to do with being the daughter of a dentist: solid oral hygiene is a must.

Since combating cystic acne in my mid-20’s, my skincare routine has also become an important daily ritual. In the morning, I splash cool water on my face and pat dry. My new non-negotiable in skin care is using the facial dry brush by Province Apothecary. It literally only takes five minutes. After use, I’ll mist my skin with rose water and moisturize with sea buckthorn oil by Living Libations. For evening, I remove any makeup from the day with organic castor oil, cleanse my face with raw honey, maybe do a face mask (like my spirulina + honey mask), followed with rose water, serum, and oil. My nighttime nourishment for lips and under eyes is Egyptian Magic. A clean, makeup free face makes me feel refreshed and sets me up for the best skin care out there: sleep.

You’ve navigated working for yourself for the past few years. Are there any struggles or successes in how you go through your day or tackle a project?

Yes! So many. I think anyone who has started a business on their own can relate to feeling alone or the effects of working in isolation. Though I’m a huge introvert and really do love spending time solo, it’s different when operating a business. I’ve struggled with feeling like I have no one with whom to share the process, or my ideas. Over the past couple of years, I’ve slowly learned to reach out to others for support, but it’s still very much a work-in-progress. My approach continues to evolve.

One thing that has really made a positive impact in working independently is allotting specific time to individual tasks. Instead of having all day to complete a number of tasks, each individual duty is prescribed a specific amount of time. This keeps me from procrastinating and I tend to get more work done overall.

What’s your earliest memory of wanting to be an actress?

I knew at probably age 4 or 5 that I wanted to be a performer, though I didn’t know what that meant or looked like. At the time, it was very much hosting post-dinner piano recitals and one-woman variety shows for my family. Art always felt like a hobby growing up, never something that I could pursue as a career. When I was younger, I thought I would be a teacher or an architect.

I performed in my first theatre production at 14 and within a year, I was signed to an agency. Still, I never thought that it was a career option. I didn’t think my family would accept it. It also has to do with never seeing anyone who looked like me on-screen. Women of mixed ethnicity weren’t widely represented on television and in film when I was younger. And, although there are more opportunities for biracial women today, the industry still has a long way to go. I’m excited to be a force in the growth and evolution that lies ahead.

When you have a day to yourself, to do whatever you like, what does that look like?

On my ideal day off, I’m probably still waking up relatively early and having time to myself in the morning to journal, meditate, or go for a walk in the ravine near my apartment. I’ll make a cup of tea. My boyfriend and I both love cooking, so if it’s a weekend when we have a bit more time, we’ll make and share breakfast together. Lately, we’re into eggs with smoked fish, but I’ll make gluten-free pancakes every once in a while, too. I also love going for brunch — the eggs benny from Lady Marmalade is a classic Toronto fave. For the rest of my day, I might sneak in a workout. In the colder months, lounging with my love while we indulge in episodes of a new or favourite show also isn’t uncommon. There’s probably a bone broth in the slow cooker and a seed loaf in the oven. Cooking is one of my most cherished ways to take care of myself and is something you can absolutely find me doing on a day off. Usually it’s anything that can ‘cook itself,’ though, so I can still relax and move slow.

A lot of us have a piece of comfort clothing that they’ve held onto forever – what’s yours?

This oversized sweater/coat/blanket/housecoat that I purchased several years ago. It’s so cozy, comfortable, and I find ways to wear it all year round. It also makes me look like a half-Asian Olsen twin, which is a major plus.

You were one of our first Soft Focus customers (thank you!) – do you have a particular way you like to wear or place you like to wear your lounge set?

My After Midnight Lounge Set is the most comfortable pair of pyjamas/at-home work wear I’ve ever owned. The set is so laid back, carefree and chic all at the same time. I love wearing the top and bottoms as separates with other outfits. The black lounge pants with a basic fitted white tee and black mules is a favourite combo.

What is next for you? Any dream projects you’d like to make happen?

I spent this past winter filming the new Doug Liman series, Impulse. It was such a pleasure to be a part of this really special show. The first season just launched on YouTube Premium last month. I’m so proud of the entire cast and crew for their work on this project. The two films I recently wrapped are Run This Town with Ben Platt and Nina Dobrev and Nose To Tail with Aaron Abrams. I’m currently working on Cinemax’s new television series drama Jett, filming in Toronto alongside Carla Gugino.

I’m dying to play more physical roles too. I come from a theatre background, where we learned to move our bodies and use our voices. I consider myself a very physical person and I’m also a bit of an adrenaline junkie at heart, so I’m eager to take on roles that are more physically demanding. For years, I’ve been typecast as the 'popular girl’ or the ‘best friend.’ These roles have been fun to play, but I’m ready for something different, more dynamic. Someone, cast me as your next superhero!

Holistic health and wellness will always play a role in my day to day. KIKAN BLVD. is as much a tribute to my family as it is my philosophy in wellness and for honouring myself in order to serve others. I continue to work one on one with clients, conducting nutrition consults and providing ongoing guidance and support. I would love to offer some new workshops to connect with my community more (and resurrect my mindful eating dinners), but my commitment to acting has made it more difficult to plan such events. For now, I’ll continue to share online content and connect with others one on one.

Thanks Genevieve <3


Photos by Aneta Sofronova


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